Master Plan

Masterplan - Healthy living Sometimes the world makes you forget how to live in the best of health. At The Village, we’d like to help you remember. That’s why the plans we’ve made for your home extend far outside its walls. To makes sure that you’re breathing only the freshest air, 80% of the lands are landscaped with trees and shrubbery, small and tall.

You’ll also find plenty of ways to make a quick escape. Break monotony with a few hours of leisure at the pool, joy fishing or yoga class. Exercise your body and soul under your favorite tree at one of our many lush parks. Take the time to stand and stare: a golden sun as it retires for the night over the ocean or nature at play within the animal farm and butterfly park. Or team up with your family and pitch a tent under the stars, just a short trek away from your home.

Here at The Village, with so many irresistible opportunities to reconnect with nature and yourself, a balanced life will be something you can take for granted.
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