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The Village aims to put the experience of living, back into life. To take you back to a simpler time. The project components, in addition to being Vastu compliant, have been built with the sole purpose of giving you a resort-like feel in your own home. That’s why this 40 acre project boasts above 72% of beautiful, landscaped greens, with only 28% of the site actually built-up.

Even the trees on the site have been retained or transplanted, not cut, so as not to disturb the natural surroundings. All this has given The Village a green rating of Platinum. We have also raised the villas and attached villas by 1.5 metres, keeping in mind possible scenarios like floods and higher road heights 50 years ahead.

The Village holds a 1,00,000 square foot recreation and business area, including an exclusive modern retail area, state-of-the-art swimming pools, tennis, badminton and squash courts, a cinema complex and a spa. Just off the entrance road is a spectacular 3 acre green, comprising a yoga centre and a children’s play area.

We’ve designed The Village, to cater to your every need. From catching a movie with friends, spending an evening out, relaxing at home, to even something as mundane as grocery shopping. At The Village, everything you need, is right around the corner.
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